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months to take a look at governor romney's campaign. even going back to the 2008 cycle, both senator obama at the time as well as governor romney coming through iowa. spending time with the editorial board. we've talked with the candidates, we've explored and scrutinized the platforms and their various positions. are there endorsements that matter, i think it do. it's part of our tradition. we take very seriousing, first in the nation status of caucus state. we take serious able to vet candidates. many of whom really not on the national radar screen until after they emerge from iowa. it's a place where you have formal interviews, formal meetings inquestions and answers and issues and campaigns. as well as very informal opportunity to sit down to talk about what's in front of us in terms of americans. what are the different positions for that. i do think our endorsement matters. we proudly spent a lot of time very diligent, very thoughtful and all of our conversations particularly the final one to make the decision to support governor romney. >> we talking to rick green the editor of
a couple seconds to respond than i want to ask you both a brief question to request the buffett rule is about fairness. we have people who make over $1 million a year who pay lower tax rates. take mitt romney, for example. he lowered taxes the hard- working -- he pays lower taxes than hard working and middle income families. why is this the case? there are these loopholes that folks that are powerful to have their legion of lobbyists get written into the tax code. it is unfair. i do not think the tax season is during the greenbaay packers season. >> let's hope their plan in the super bowl. [laughter] >> i'm listening to each of you and hearing you say you did not want to raise taxes. is that accurate? >> i did not want to raise taxes. what to cut the programs by 5% across the board and give the secretaries the power to reorganize and eliminate programs. we get a grand deal so we can do it, i did simpson bowles has to be on the table. and what my plan on the table and sit down on a bipartisan basis. 60 votes will do it. you have to have some compromise. i'm going to washington to solv
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2